Service update – 14.00pm Thursday 26th March.

The current demand is unprecedented and we have decided to temporarily close this store for now while we catch up with demand. Any orders placed before 2pm on Thursday 26th March will still be delivered to all customers soon.

We plan to open again soon and will keep you updated here, and on our social media pages. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Stay safe and stay home where possible.

Jen Anderton -  I went on a course on Tissue Salts in the early 90's, which was exceptionally interesting and informative - I've been using New Era Tissue Salts personally for nearly 20 years now and have found them fantastic. I have recommended them to my clients and they, in turn, have reaped the benefits.

Conway Carol -  I've been on tramadol and ibuprofen for over twenty years when I found new era last year after a few months the pain was diminishing and I began to decrease my dosage instead of increasing it.

AnnaElly Sipthorp -  Help us in Australia - this is such a loss - we have a company here manufacturing the whole range (M&P)- but their products are hard little things one has to chew and they really don't work.

Dianna Cronin - I to used New Era tissue salts for many years following an ROAD which left me suffering with severe cramp, they really worked a miracle for me. As I suffer from multi allergies I'm not able to tolerate any other medication, not even herbal!!

Dianna Cronin - I to used New Era tissue salts for many years following an ROAD which left me suffering with severe cramp, they really worked a miracle for me. As I suffer from multi allergies I'm not ab le to tolerate any other medication, not even herbal!!

Mohit S Sehjpal - hello Elaine Watson Homeopath::i was in uk for 8 years and use to have new era sinisuistis disorder medicine but now i am in india and suffering from lot of headaiche and feels lot of congestion in nose and have had lot of antibiotics but all fails please advise me what can i do and from where i can buy these medicine to cure my problem.

Lydia Andrew - i’ve run out of new era hayfever tablets help !!!!!!!!!!

Olga Feschuk - They are the only ones I use - have been using them for 35 years now.

Alison Kennedy - Says of New Era combination H. I have used them for over 20 years and they kept my hay fever under control.

Karen Walton Smith - My daughter and I used to use the new era J cough and cold tablets they were brilliant.

Elisabeth Blagdon Gamlen - I've just used the Catarrh Sinus Disorders Combination Q Tissue Salts. I've never had these symptoms before and they were quite severe so I rummaged through a family box of natural remedies and found these. Three days later the syptoms have gone

Avril Rosalind Cliff - it is so, so sad .. I was given them as a child, and I continued, and 60 years later I really cannot do without them ... use them as directed, they are magic, you can feel them working, and you can feel yourself getting better ..

Jean Boynton - Ive been using NEW ERA no. 8 for cramp. I'm almost out now please help!!!!!!! What can I take now. They worked instantly.

Tilly Sundholm Ferrum - no4,has been invaluable for fever and scrapes/scratches/wounds and other infections.No8 I used for leg cramps and muscle spasms and it was really good for babies colic. Silica is the third regularly used tissue salt.

Claire Fletcher - Hello, I have just found out that these are no longer available, I have been using new era ferr. Phos. No4 for years, my daughters are 7 and I use these for coughs and colds etc.

Jacquie Reeve - Hi, I used to use New Era combination P for cramp, they were great .

Sue Klein - mag phos for cramp? That’s what my homeopath suggested for me .

David Horton - I have been using New Era's Combination 'F' salts for migraine for over 25 years now! Nothing else works for me!

Peta Steadman - Bee So useful for a variety of problems not least Kali phos for exam nerves.

Debbie Colquhoun - I was introduced to them 36 years ago by my mam combination r for teething absolutely fantastic have recommended them to lots of friends with children gutted we can't get them now for grand daughter.

Hilary O Neill - The best things ever invented i was so sad when they went off the market. They worked on my children on everything from coughs colds to hayfever. I used them myself for sinus.

Olivia Rosema - I use most of them. They melt so easily in the mouth. One that comes to mind is Ferr phos, when ever there is an inflammation coming on I take them. They are fantastic for my earache. I use the combination P one for aching legs which works fantastic. My daughter in law uses them all the time on her little ones.Sandra Fraser My family used them for forty odd years mainly for cramp, it was my aunt that got us into them and she was a Nurse.

David Bates - That is the H hay fever tablets they worked for allergic rhinitis, asthma and full hay fever for my children and others that I bought them for.

Sheila J Mansergh - New Era are so missed my mother introduced us to these when we were young she was a great believer in them and she was 90 when she died only having been in hospital twice and never had a operation... I am still using my stock pile of them. I am in Australia

Erica Bennett - I have used and thoroughly recommended all of the range. They have never failed to work in any situation, whether animals or people
Esther A Austin. Re. the tablets : I've learnt that only New Era produced the little tablets that dissolve almost immediately - this was due to their particular manufacturing process.

Karen Essex - I have been using New Era tissue salts for years and they are fantastic.

Hanna Payne - Hello there, I've just been looking online for New Era Teething Tablets (Combination R), that I used for my little ones when they were teething ....We nicknamed them Magic Tablets. With the teething combination, they literally stopped the crying, red cheeks, swollen gums etc within about 15 minutes. We used the Indigestion and tummy pain (Combination E )one for my little one who suffered with collicky pains and not being able to relax enough to feed due to having swallowed so much air. Again - magic tablets. After having one, we'd wait about a minute, she do a massive burp, relax and be able to feed without a hitch.
Not to mention of course the combination (Q or J ) salts we used for colds and coughs... again, magic tablets. Symptoms eased at night, colds clearing up after a couple of days rather than a week.
I'd go so far as to say that as a result of the New Era combination tablets, my children never really suffered with anything major that seem to really dog other people's kids. My two just got on with it. Whether that's just down to their personal constitution or the tablets I'll never know. But the (Combination R) teething tablets were the deal clincher for me. They definitely worked without a doubt. I was brought up on them myself as a baby nearly 40 years ago. I was hoping to recommend them to a friend who has a teething baby right now. Does this mean our only choice is the dreadful Nelson's version that did absolutely nothing for my two. Absolutely unbelievable.
Please feel free to use anything I've said in this post as a testimonial for New Era. Would you be able to recommend anything my friend can use in their place until then. The combination salts were so handy for everything.