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The current demand is unprecedented and we have decided to temporarily close this store for now while we catch up with demand. Any orders placed before 2pm on Thursday 26th March will still be delivered to all customers soon.

We plan to open again soon and will keep you updated here, and on our social media pages. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Stay safe and stay home where possible.

A BRIEF HISTORY of New Era Mineral Cell Salts or Mineral Tissue Salts:

In the late 19th century Homoeopath and Biochemist, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler established his theory that 12 mineral cell salts were essential for good health. He thought that dietary deficiencies, or imbalances of one or more of these salts at the cellular level, may affect our overall health. Using his knowledge of homoeopathy, Schuessler developed tablets containing micro doses of these mineral cell, or tissue salts, to be taken to address these imbalances as part of what was an early form of nutritional supplementation. American Physician, August Luyties worked with Dr.Schuessler and in the late 1800’s he took the Schuessler's Cell Salt system to St Louis, where his family homeopathy business, Luyties Pharmacal began the first commercial manufacturing, of their small, unique, dissolving tablets, to the original Schuessler formula.

The New Era Treatment Co of London, (later to become New Era Laboratories Ltd.) introduced Luyties’ Combination Tissue Salt, "Elasto", for tired and aching legs to the UK in 1923 and the full range of 12 Single Mineral Cell salts was successfully launched in 1927. These were later followed with the range of Combination Salts designed to meet specific consumer needs as an alternative to making their own mixture of single Tissue Salts.

Many users particularly liked being able to self-select the ready mixed tissue salt product they needed and so New Era Combinations like H, Q, J and B eventually became among the most popular products in the UK health trade. Interest in the system in the UK grew substantially and peaked in the late 1990’s but shortly after the business changed hands. Thereafter it was given a lower priority and entered a period of steady decline, but its customers stayed loyal.

Sadly in 2013 for financial reasons, the Brand’s owners chose to exit the UK market and sold the business to its Italian distributors. So, after over 90 years of success in UK health care it seemed New Era and its Tissue Salt system was gone forever and many consumers and retailers lobbied for the return of their New Era favourites, because of the unique, small "melt under the tongue" tablets had proved so effective for them over the years. Though hard compressed tablet alternatives have appeared on the market, none have matched the popularity of New Era, so something needed to be done.

New Era is now back in the UK:

At last, we are pleased to say that the New Era range is back in the UK, and you could say its new and improved with some added benefits too. Inside each new screw cap tub, the product range provides all the original Single and Combination Mineral Tissue Salts and now they have a little added biotin, a micro nutrient with extra benefits to enhance their action too.

Nevertheless, New Era Mineral Cell Salts are still prepared using the traditional 90 year old method of finely grinding and diluting mineral ingredients to tiny particles, a process known as trituration. This material with biotin is used to produce the unique ‘FastMelt’, dissolve on or under the tongue tablets, for which New Era is so understandably famous. The nutrients in New Era’s Mineral Cell Salt 'FastMelt' tablets are more rapidly absorbed into the blood stream than any ordinary tablet can be expected to achieve when chewed, swallowed or taken with a drink.

There are 12 Single Mineral Cell salts and 18 Combination Mineral Cell Salt formulations in the range, all with distinct Tissue Salts for our health, whilst biotin additionally contributes to the maintenance of normal, healthy skin and hair and the normal healthy function of the nervous system, mucous membranes and metabolism.