Service update – 14.00pm Thursday 26th March.

The current demand is unprecedented and we have decided to temporarily close this store for now while we catch up with demand. Any orders placed before 2pm on Thursday 26th March will still be delivered to all customers soon.

We plan to open again soon and will keep you updated here, and on our social media pages. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Stay safe and stay home where possible.

Q. What is the correct name for these products?

A. New Era Mineral Cell Salts may be named Mineral Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue Salts or any combination of these. They are all the same product provided they are prepared in the correct manner in line with principles laid down by Dr.Schuessler.

Q. What's changed with the new range?

A. New Era tablets still contain the original precisely diluted and triturated cell tissue salts that are manufactured in a traditional patented manner that is unique to the Brand.

Q. Are the New Era tablets the same unique easy to take ones?

A. Yes, the FastMelt tablets dissolve on or under the tongue so they are rapidly absorbed into our circulatory system and cells just as they ever did.

Q. Why biotin?

A. We now include biotin in all our tablets, because this micro nutrient adds a wide and useful range of health benefits. It does not conflict with the tissue salt’s benefits but enhances many formerly associated with tissue or cell salts.

Q. Why has the New Era tablet count been reduced?

A. The count has broadly been halved to help ensure freshness and reduce crushing. A pack contains an average 20 days supply which is sufficient to meet most health care needs.

Q. Why don't the New Era packs have the same clear indications?

A. The new owners could not profitably produce the Brand and meet the financial demands required to retain medicinal status. The range now actually fits with Schuesslers theory of balancing the nutrients of the cells to help maintain good health.

Q. Are they still Dr Schuessler's cell salts?

A. . Each tablet contains the original New Era Cell or Tissue salts with which it has always been associated in the UK since early 1900's and still produced to Schuessler’s formula.

Q. How much do I take?

A. Dissolving 4 tablets on or under the tongue 3 times per day is the standard dose. However, this may be taken as high as double at times of need.

Q. Can children take New Era?

A. The FastMelt tablets are completely safe and suitable for children too. They may also be taken alongside other supplements or medicines.

Q. Why has the price increased?

A. New Era tablets are unique, and unlike simple, hard compressed tablets, they are difficult and expensive to manufacture, without compromising quality. The former 2012 price failed to provide the necessary revenue to maintain the Brand’s availability.

Q. Do New Era tablets contain unnecessary additives?

A. They are produced from natural ingredients, free from colourings and chemical stabilisers.

Q. Is the New Era range homeopathic?

A. Like Homoeopathic remedies, Mineral Cell or Tissue Salts are prepared in triturated and diluted concentrations but their mode of action is not that of a like v like homoeopathic remedy but that more akin to a nutritional supplement.

Q. Why do I need to take so many?

A. The recommended dosage regime using the unique New Era FastMelt rapidly absorbed tablets has stood the test of time (over 90 years), and provides the best results for most users.